Supersecrets Of Effective Seo Writers

When you are writing with SEO in mind, you probably put your focus on your content. This is fine because your content surely deserves most of your attention. However, you do not want to go light on your meta descriptions because these also play a big role in where your content ends up in the search results. When you are learning more about Denver SEO, be sure to spend at least a few minutes to learn how to write optimized meta descriptions.

Tell the Reader What You Want Them to Think

Your meta description is a short snippet that tells your readers exactly what to expect when they click to read your blog or article. Because of this, you have to tell them exactly what they are going to learn. Many experts refer to this as telling your reader what you want them to think. Implant an idea in their head that makes them want to read the article. When you write your meta, you want to entice the reader. When they are looking at search engine results, they will see your meta on the results page. It is up to you to use this description to tell them exactly why your article or blog is the best of the bunch.

Make Sure Your Meta Description is the Right Length

The general recommendation for a meta description is that it is 155 to 160 characters. Make note that this is characters with spaces and punctuation and not words. You want to get it as close to the limit as possible without going over. This can be challenging here and something you might have to edit several times to get it right. However, the time you put into crafting a perfect meta description will definitely pay off, so do not be afraid to go slow and take your time. Make sure that you are using complete sentences and conveying your message as clearly as possible.

Consider a Call to Action

Remember that this description is what people see when they are looking at search engine results and this is what is going to convince people to click. Because of this, you want to incorporate a call to action. You can make it an obvious call to action or a more subtle one. The best way to approach this will depend on the type of content you are writing, so you will have to adjust it for different topics and content types.

You can see that there are many ways to write meta descriptions that will make a difference. You can talk to a Denver SEO professional to get further information about writing meta descriptions that benefit your content in the search engines.

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